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Heavily vetted out traffic sources & strict adherence to lead quality standards make us among the best in the industry. Our top buyers just love the quality of our leads and have spent millions of dollars buying leads from us.

LEADARO’s Insurance Live Transfers (also known as Warm Transfers) are pre-qualified and looking to buy immediately. Our Live Transfers are usually the highest closing leads, with some brokers & agencies closing at over 50%.

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We are obsessed with SEO & digital/social media buys and delivering the best quality leads to our customers.

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Buy Final Expense Leads, Health Insurance, Medicare supplement, Auto insurance & other categories. We’re here to help you spend less time prospecting and more time closing deals. 

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LIVE TRANSFERS(Starting at $35 per lead, Minimum order: 100)

Also known as Warm Transfers, these are potential clients that are on the phone looking to purchase right now, and have validated they have time to converse with an agent. Filter on salary and medical conditions to buy the exact Live Transfers Leads you want. 

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(Starting at $8 per lead, Minimum order: 100)

Exclusive leads are offered to a single agent, and for that reason they have a more significant closing rate than shared leads. They would be better for individual agents and small to mid-size agencies that are looking for keeping their sales pipeline full of high-converting leads.

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(Starting at $3 per lead, Minimum order: 500)

While most leads fall in this category and because of their lowest costs, the Shared Health Insurance Leads are perfect for call center agents and larger agencies.

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Insurance Market research
Social Media Marketing
Inbound Lead Generation
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